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Butler School of Music

Qifang Hu

Graduate student


Interests: My primary research interests are in the realm of East Asian music studies; Chinese, Japanese, and Korean music with multidisciplinary approaches. I also interested in popular music, media studies and world music ensemble pedagogy.

Department of Sociology

Photo of Rui Jie Peng

Rui Jie Peng

Graduate student

ruijie.peng@utexas.edu |
RLP 3.306

Education: MA, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Sociology

Interests: Political sociology, labor, gender, migration, development, global & transnational sociology, ethnography Contemporary China, global China

Program in Comparative Literature

Ting-fu Chen

Graduate Student


Interests: Literary theory and criticism; intellectual history; Gothic fiction and the Gothic; mediaeval Chinese literature; the zhiguai genre (“accounts of the anomalous”); ghosts and spectrality; comparative literature in the Sinospher

Qianqian Li

Graduate student


Education: PhD, Comparative Literature Program

Interests: The Twentieth and twenty-first century American, British, Chinese literature; women writers; feminist theories; cultural and media studies.

Nanjun Zhou

Graduate student


Education: BA in English; Master in Comparative Literature, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Free University of Berlin

Interests: Transition from Romanticism to Modernism, German and British Romanticism, Rainer Maria Rilke, translation and introduction of German Romanticism and Modernism in China, Boxer Movement

Department of Anthropology

Alice Kurima Newberry

Graduate student


Interests: Decolonial Hope, Shimānchu Resistance, Demilitarization, Climate Justice. Alice Kurima Newberry's research is primarily focused on the Ryukyu islands located in the South China Sea.

Photo of nel yang

nel yang

Graduate student


Education: PhD in Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Economic and financial anthropology, semiotics of desire, users and user experience (as field site and field of research), affect, eroticism, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

Department of Asian Studies

Zachary Adamz

PhD Candidate, Asian Cultures & Languages


Education: B.S. Geography, Brigham Young University; M.A. Geography, University of Kansas

Interests: Korean Studies; Migration and Diaspora Studies; Geographies of Territorialization and Nationalism; Tourism and Museology

Katheryn Bolton

PhD student, Asian Cultures & Languages


Education: MA in Sociology, Ewha Womans University

Interests: Korean diaspora, return migration, hierarchical nationhood, ethnic enclaves, expatriate communities, identity formation, Hallyu and cultural globalization

Michelle Chen

PhD student, Asian Cultures & Languages


Interests: Languages in Sinophone cinemas, Sinophone cultures and literatures

Ssu-Chieh Fan

Graduate student


Education: M.A. in Translation and Interpretation, National Taiwan University

Interests: Cultural production in contemporary East Asia, with an emphasis on the intersections between Sinophone literature, film, and globalization.

Photo of Jean Young Kim

Jean Young Kim

PhD Candidate, Asian Cultures & Languages


Education: M.A. in Geography Education, Seoul National University

Interests: infertility/subfertility, hope, neoliberal governmentality, biopolitics, Assisted Reproductive Technologies(ARTs), politics of reproduction, (ultra) low fertility in East Asia, everyday geographies

Michael Kuehl

PhD Student in Asian Cultures & Languages


Interests: Contemporary Japanese literature, Translation, Literary analysis, Trauma studies, Psychoanalytic theory, Gender studies, Mourning and Suicide.

Catherine Lajara

Graduate student


Education: M.A.,Asian Studies- Korean, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Korean Language; Suicide in South Korea: the causes, the population it affects, resolution; gender issues in South Korean Media

Jia Liu

PhD student, Asian Cultures & Languages


Education: PhD, Asian Studies

Interests: Modern Chinese literature, mass media and cultural institution.  

Jeffery McElroy

PhD student, Asian Cultures & Languages


Interests: Literary and cultural studies, with an emphasis on modern Chinese cinema, globalization, and post-colonial studies.

Jenny Myung

Graduate student


Education: B.A., International Relations and Global Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Yunfei Shang

PhD student, Asian Cultures & Languages

Interests: Japanese cinema, Chinese language cinemas, East Asia film and media industry, visual culture studies

Photo of Lauren Slusher (she/her/hers)

Lauren Slusher (she/her/hers)

Master's student, Asian Studies and Global Policy Studies


Education: BBA in Business Honors and Management pre-law, Texas A&M University

Interests: I’m interested in working for the United States Foreign Commercial Service to promote trade between the United States and Asia, with an emphasis on trade promotion with the People’s Republic of China

Shu-Wen Tang

PhD candidate


Education: B.A. in Political Science, National Taiwan University, M.A. in Taiwanese Literature, National Chengchi University

Interests: Literary and cultural studies, with an emphasis on Taiwan and Post-Socialist China

Ting-Chun Wang

Graduate student


Education: M.A., Comparative Literature, Peking University

Interests: Chinese and Taiwanese Literature in the 20th century, Maoism in China, Cultural Revolution, literary and cultural production in socialist and post-socialist China

Xiaoting Wang

Graduate student

xiaotingwang@utexas.edu |

Education: Bachelor, Peking University

Interests: Chinese film and literature

Caleb Williams

Master's student, Asian Studies


Education: B.A., Chinese Language and Literature, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Chinese Folklore Studies

Department of History

Zachary Bradley

Graduate student


Education: Humanities and East Asian Foreign Area Studies, the United States Air Force Academy

Interests: Early Modern Japanese History; My studies are focused on Early Modern Japan's interactions with proto-globalization during the the 17th Century. I am fascinated with how the Tokugawa's decision to interact with the emerging networks of trade should be understood. My career interests are also centered around East Asia. As I continue to study East Asia, I hope to develop my language skills and knowledge to be an effective cultural advisor, attaché, or member of an embassy in the region.

Photo of Shery Chanis

Shery Chanis

Graduate student


Education: M.A. (History), University of South Florida

Interests: Early Modern China (Ming Dynasty), South China, Guangdong, cartography, global history

Photo of Jian Gao 高堅

Jian Gao 高堅

Graduate student


Education: BA, MA, MA, UA / UT

Interests: Modern Mexican History, Chinese Diaspora, Transnational / Immigration History, Latin American History, Asian American Studies, Latin America in a Globalizing World, U.S. West,

Photo of Fei Guo

Fei Guo

Graduate student


Interests: Modern and contemporary China, state-building, economic history, ethnicity under Chinese context, East Asia, python, NLP, and ML.

Department of Radio-Television-Film

Hyun Jung Stephany Noh

Ph.D. candidate


Interests: My research interests mainly focus on the continuity and changes of media production and distribution as the media environment is quickly shifting towards internet streaming. I investigate the cultural implications of the transnational phenomenon by researching the context of television programs, their global audiences, and the industry practices that are forming the global media of today. My current dissertation project is on the development of South Korea's SVOD market in reaction to Netflix.

Photo of Jing Wang

Jing Wang

Graduate student


Education: B.A. in Photojournalism and M.A. in Radio and Television Arts, Communication University of China, in Beijing

Interests: My dissertation project is on the transnational circulation of Chinese Independent Documentaries from 1990s to 2017. This research situates at the intersections of Chinese film studies, media globalization, media industry studies, film festival studies and documentary studies.

Department of Religious Studies

Quan Gan 甘佺

Graduate student


Education: BBA Economics Hong Kong Baptist University, MA Medieval and Renaissance Studies University College of London

Interests: My long-term research interests gravitate around two themes, monasteries and royal dynasties, while my current project is on the relationship between place-centred rituals and dynasty-centred polities in tenth-century West Francia and China.

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

Kevin Lentz

Graduate student


Education: Master of Global Policy Studies and Master of Asian Studies, The LBJ School of Public Affairs

Interests: Energy, Geopolitics, Political Economy, US Foreign Policy in the Indo-Pacific, US-Japan Alliance