Faculty Development Institute on East Asia Planned

Wed, June 1, 2005

This Institute is funded by the Freeman Foundation, and is based on modules developed by Columbia University's National Consortium on Teaching about Asia (). The primary focus of the Institute will be on contemporary cultures, conditions, and events in China, Japan, and Korea, with a secondary focus on the history of relations between these three areas. All sessions will be held at The University of Texas at Austin. In addition to lectures by the Institute directors on Japanese culture and society, there will be specialist guest lectures that will focus on China and Korea as discrete culture areas.

Twenty-five secondary teachers will be selected for this Institute, each of whom will receive a stipend of $500 upon successful completion of the program ($250 after the regular Institute sessions and $250 six months later upon submission of a report on classroom implementation). In addition, participants will receive $200 worth of books for the Institute at no cost, plus a free subscription to the journal Education about Asia. Many other relevant materials will be provided free of charge. In addition, the library of each participating school will receive $300 worth of curricular materials per teacher. Applicant Qualifications: Institute participants must teach a course such as world history, world cultures, world geography, world literature, world art or world economics in which there is a substantial East Asia component. School librarians, too, are eligible. Each participant must have an e-mail account and regular access to the internet.

Schedule (PDF, 13K).
Application Form (PDF, 92K).

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