Erudition Rare Book Exhibition from the National Central Library

Fri, August 31, 2012
Erudition Rare Book Exhibition from the National Central Library
An Exhibition on Reading the Ancient Aesthetics of Living

Erudition Rare Book Exhibition from the National Central Library: November—December 2012

Since its foundation in 1933, the National Central Library has been carrying out the heavy responsibility of preserving important historical documents.  The Library’s special and treasured collections include more than 12,000 items from the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods of Chinese history.  These collections have always been held in high esteem by readers around the world for both their quality and quantity.  They are regarded not only as one of Taiwan’s most treasured resources, but also as an important asset for the research of human knowledge.

In order to foster an interest among the UT community in traditional Chinese culture and literary works, the National Central Library is bringing its most important works in high-quality replicas to UT campus in November 2012.  This rare books exhibition consists of four main themes: Leisure Life of the Literati; Dramatic Literature; Conceptions of Health; and Observing Nature.  At the end of the exhibition, these high-quality replicas will be given to the UT library to become part of its permanent collection.  The National Central Library will also share the digital database of its rare books collections with readers at UT.  In addition to these gifts, the UT library will also receive several hundred titles of contemporary publications from Taiwan in subjects related to literature, visual culture, social studies, religions, and more.

The rare books exhibition will be on view in the lobby of the Fine Arts Library (Doty Fine Arts Building 3.200) until December 2012.  The event is sponsored by the National Central Library, Taiwan, the Taipei Economical and Cultural Office in Houston, Taiwan Studies, and the Fine Arts Library, University of Texas at Austin.

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