Below you can find a list of website resources for K-16 educational outreach.

Not Just Sushi—a website to introduce Japanese culture to American students

With the globalization of our society, it has become very important for American students to develop a sophisticated understanding of different societies in the world. This website will serve as a comprehensive resource to foster better understanding of world cultures through Japanese food.

Since the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirement for sixth-grade Texan students is to learn about world cultures, Not Just Sushi was developed with them in mind as the target audience. Moreover, because Asian Studies is a widely neglected area of study in the sixth grade, our focus on Japanese culture was our way of highlighting Asian culture and providing a tool for teachers wishing to teach more about this interesting culture. However, it is our hope other visitors will find this website informative and exciting to explore.

Expedition to Asia: Religions Across the Continent

Expedition to Asia - Religions Across the Continent is an interactive website through which students can explore religions in Asia and their impact on daily life in various cultures. It includes lesson plans provided that can be adapted to a variety of age and grade levels, but the site is designed with the sixth grade Texas student in mind. Specifically, this site is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills so that it can be integrated into any sixth grade Social Studies curriculum in Texas.