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Faculty Grants

University of Texas at Austin faculty outside the Department of Asian Studies who are planning research on East Asia, or who will present at a conference or workshop on related topics, are invited to apply for support under this program.  The total maximum annual award for any one faculty member is $1,200.  Furthermore, the overall amount of funding available through this program is contingent on allocations from the individual area endowments of the Department of Asian Studies and from the general CEAS budget, and will vary yearly.  Please note that applications should demonstrate the use and exhaustion of other available sources of funding (for example, departmental research monies, Faculty Travel Grants, and personal research accounts, if any) for full consideration.  CEAS support is meant to supplement, and not replace, other sources of faculty funding.  
To apply, please send 1) a 1-2 page research project description or abstract; 2) a CV (including courses taught at UT or elsewhere for the last three years); and 3) a project budget that additionally shows your exhaustion of other funding sources electronically in a single email to Faith Hanley prior to the application deadline.  Applications are due by November 21 for activities taking place in the following spring semester, and by March 25, 2019 for activities taking place in the following summer or fall.
Applications will be judged by the CEAS Executive Committee on criteria that include merit, efficient use of funds, demonstrated commitment to teaching about East Asia, and relevance to East Asian Studies.  Payment of this award will be made on a reimbursement basis only, and awards may be subject to “state money” limitations with respect to their allowable uses and maximums.  Faculty applying to this program in order to present at a conference or workshop may do so before their paper is accepted, but final confirmation of the award will be contingent on such acceptance.