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The Texas Economics Association collects donations for Books4Cause.

Fri, March 4, 2011
The Texas Economics Association collects donations for Books4Cause.

The Texas Economics Association, a student organization for Economics undergraduates, brought its spirit of community service to the halls of the Rapoport building this February.  When TEA students heard that the Books4Cause Program was asking faculty members to clean out their old, unused textbooks and donate them for a worthy cause, the group immediately stepped in to help.  TEA volunteers walked the halls of the Economics department, urging professors to take a few minutes to clean out old textbooks and promising to return later to pick up the donations.  Wearing their burnt orange Texas Economics t-shirts, the students hit the halls again a few days later to gather their solicited donations.


The Books4Cause program uses textbook donations to support aid initiatives around the world.  Many of the books they collect are sent to the Good Books for Africa campaign, a  program that delivers these much needed books to schools, libraries, and community centers throughout Africa.  Older editions of books that would otherwise have been clogging up landfills or collecting dust on a shelf are placed in the hands of people who need them, and newer editions can be sold to offset the cost of shipping the older editions.


Valerie Bencivenga, the Economics Undergraduate Program Director, received a request for donations from Books4Cause and sent out a call for help from student groups in the department.  Dr. Bencivenga said of the program, “This is a great idea for what to do with old editions, old desk copies that are no longer being used.  An old edition has essentially zero value here, but there's no reason why a 5 year old statistics book can't be used in a poorer country in Africa that can't afford new books.”  The Texas Economics Association students agreed, and in one week they gathered over 100 books for Books4Cause.

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