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What Can You Do With a B.A. in Economics?

Thu, March 9, 2006

Katie is an international media sales executive for Media Plus Consulting. Media Plus Consulting, based in Brussels, Belgium, represents numerous print and TV publications including The New York Post, Handlesblatt, Fox 5 New York, CNBC Asia, and the Weekly Telegraph of London. The main function of Media Plus is to produce economic investment reports for countries around the world.

Katie began her job search last Fall. She found a posting for the media sales position on Access UT. When Katie was asked to interview, she discovered that she was the only Economics major that had applied. The interviewer stressed how valuable Katie¢€™s educational background was. It was instrumental in landing the job! When the recruiter asked Katie questions about the global economy and the macro variables that encompass the political arena, she understood what he was asking for and was able to answer with confidence.

Once hired, Katie¢€™s background enabled her to enter the training program in Brussels fully prepared for global business. Each night during the training program the new hires were given tasks to complete and Katie was consistently the only one who could get the ¢€œbig picture¢€ the first time around. It became an inside joke that whenever they had to conduct research, run stats, or were given a business model presentation, they should run it by Katie first.

Katie finished the training at the top of her class! She has been assigned the Asia Pacific region and is based in Singapore. She will be in Singapore until May, after that she return to Brussels to begin another project. She has only worked for the company for 6 weeks and has already been to 5 countries on 2 continents.

Katie loves her first job after graduation and cannot stress enough how often she draws upon the knowledge she learned in her Economics major.

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