The Economics Department

Department of Economics Awarded Course Transformation Grant

Wed, January 18, 2012

The Department of Economics has been awarded a Course Transformation Program grant to support the redesign of two large, undergraduate economics courses.  The three year grant will allow the department to review and restructure ECO 304K Introduction to Microeconomics and ECO 304L Introduction to Macroeconomics.  The Course Transformation Program (CTP) is an initiative of the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost designed to promote greater success in large, lower division gateway courses.  In its second year, the program supports the redesign of these integral courses by partnering departments with two internal faculty led advisory panels, the Research and Assessment Advisory Panel and the Educational Technology and Learning Analytics Advisory Panel.


Last year, over 3,500 students were enrolled in ECO 304K and 304L.  These introductory economics courses attract a wide variety of students because in addition to being required for economics and business majors, they also satisfy the social science flag requirement and are popular options for students with a general interest in economics. To improve the success of such a broad range of students in these two courses, a faculty committee led by Valerie Bencivenga and Thomas Wiseman will define learning objectives and outcomes for each course and then work backwards to develop learning activities designed to help students attain the desired outcomes.  Using a more targeted sequence and timing of the learning activities in the introductory economics courses will create a more effective and engaging learning environment.  The CTP team will also explore recently emerging technology that can help students build confidence in combining the conceptual knowledge and abstract thinking skills needed to succeed in ECO 304K and 304L.

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