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Rapoport Service Scholarship Awarded to Econ Student

Wed, June 5, 2013
Rapoport Service Scholarship Awarded to Econ Student

The Rapoport Service Scholarship is designed for students that are interested in volunteerism, community service and service learning.  The program combines academics with a required community service component that allows students to bridge their academic interests with community service.  Community service work is designed to complement the student’s curriculum and create potential career opportunities. All Rapoport Scholars will join a Bridging Disciplines Program to further integrate their classroom, research, and internship experiences and their work as a Rapoport Scholar.

Juan Camilo De Angulo is a double major in Econ and IRG as well as a double minor in LAS and SPN. His passion started while volunteering abroad as a sophomore in high school where he committed his education, talents and entrepreneurship towards community development in emergent countries. While at UT he enjoys "meeting people who share an interest in volunteering and social entrepreneurship. Hearing about their different experiences and innovative ideas on how to take economics and micro-financing to help developing communities around the world has been as motivating as it has been eye-opening."

Juan is an intern for the Development Gateway and Innovations for Peace and Development Club at UT. He states that this club "has given me an opportunity to learn the administration and programming behind the foreign economic aid the World Bank and UNICEF provides for other countries." Juan recognizes that the textbook definition of economics is the study of scarcity and believes "policies and micro-financing projects can have an impact in the lives of people living in poverty." He plans to committ to 10 days in Ghana with the Global Brigades club at UT with the mission of fundraising and opening a bank in an impoverished community that will make saving and investment easier for residents.

Juan contributes his success to his advisors and the weekly department News and Know Event e-mails. He says: "Taking a couple of minutes to read those e-mails thoroughly will be worth your time. They are the reasons I learned about the International Affairs Society, Development Gateway, Global Brigades, and career fairs that will lead to new friends, internship opportunities and professional networking."

This summer he has an on campus internship helping with research on United States international funding and how it impacts the world. And to top things off he will be studying abroad in Paris this fall semester. Although Juan doesn't graduate until Spring 2016 he plans to eventually go to graduate school at American University in D.C. to study International Political Economy.

"I have been inspired to dedicate my talents and career to helping the people who need it the most. The grass root experience of living in developing communities, both in Ecuador and in Nicaragua, has opened my eyes to the daily struggles that some of the poorest communities in the world have to go through day in and day out. I plan on graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a double degree in IRG and Economics in order to eventually work in an organization that finances foreign aid through micro-loans to developing communities abroad."

Congrats to Juan on this scholarship, the Econ Dept is distinguished because of students like yourself.


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