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Economic Graduates AssembleD (EGAD)

EGAD is a student organization devoted to improving the educational experience of graduate students in the Economics Department at UT Austin.

The activities of the group can be summarized in three broad categories:
1) Social: EGAD  is committed to fostering social interactions and developing a sense of community among economics graduate students. Our social activities include various happy hours held throughout the semester, the annual Halloween Party, which is always a great success, and the Department Picnic in the Fall.  We also promote student-faculty interaction by including faculty in all our social events.

2) Educational: EGAD organizes a number of seminars for our fellow students during the academic year in order to provide support and guidance with regard to important academic milestones. These include “Surviving the First Year Seminar,” “Surviving the Comps Seminar,” “The Second Year Paper Seminar,” and “The Job Market Seminar.” At these events, more advanced students share their experiences, give advice, and answer questions from their classmates. We also invite faculty members to provide feedback and share their points of view on specific related issues. 

3) Political: EGAD acts as a sounding board for the graduate students' concerns and suggestions and strives to initiate and achieve effective communication with the economics department faculty and staff.  To this end, a group of EGAD representatives meets with the department chair and the graduate program advisor and coordinator on a regular basis to address and discuss any new or outstanding issues.

EGAD holds monthly meetings, and all current grad students are welcome to attend. Each entering class has a representative, who, in addition to EGAD’s officers, attends these meetings.

Below is a roster of the officers and class reps for the 2021-22 academic year:

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