The Economics Department

Minoring in Economics

A minor in economics allows students not majoring in Economics to master an important and useful set of concepts, simple models, and analytical skills in economics. Students may focus on analytical skills and quantitative methods by taking theory courses and courses in economic statistics and econometrics; or they may take a cluster of upper-division economics courses in order to explore a field of economics in some depth.

For students in the 2014-2016 and prior catalogs:

The option to pursue a minor and the requirements to complete a minor will vary depending on your major— talk to your advisor in your major. There is no application—your major advisor can add the economics minor to your student profile if it is acceptable for your major. A minor usually requires 12-15 hours of coursework (6-9 hours of which must be upper division, at least 6 hours in-residence). All courses must be taken on the letter-grade basis.

Typically, students will take:

  • ECO 304K Intro to Microeconomics
  • ECO 304L Intro to Macroeconomics (Prerequisite: ECO 304K with a grade of at least C-)
  • 2-3 upper division economics classes

For students in the 2016-2018 catalog:

To fulfill the requirements of the transcript-recognized minor in economics, students must complete 16 semester hours of coursework as described below. All of the upper-division economics courses must be taken in residence at The University of Texas at Austin. All courses must be taken on the letter-grade basis.

At least nine of the hours required for the minor must include coursework not used to satisfy the requirements of the student’s major. However, courses in the minor may fulfill other degree requirements such as general education requirements or required elective hours.

Students may apply for the Economics minor online or with their major advisor.

The minor is currently not restricted-- applications will be auto-approved. Once approved, the student will need to ask their major advisor to add the minor to their student profile in order for the minor to be officially declared. 

The transcript-recognized minor in economics requirements are:

  • ECO 304K Intro to Microeconomics
  • ECO 304L Intro to Macroeconomics (Prerequisite: ECO 304K with a grade of at least C-)
  • ECO 420K Micro-Theory (Prerequisites: ECO 304K and ECO 304L, M408K and M408L or  equivalents, all with grades of at least C minus, and ECO 329* with a grade of at least C) or ECO 421K (Prerequisites: ECO 304K and ECO 304L, M408K and M408L or  equivalents, all with grades of at least C minus)
  • Two additional upper division Economics courses (ECO 329 may count for one of these).

* For economics classes that list ECO 329 as a prerequisite (such as ECO 420K) the following courses can meet the prerequisite in place of ECO 329 but will not count as an economics class toward the minor: M358K, M378K, BME 335, EE351, ME 335. Students will need to request a prerequisite waiver from the Economics Advising Office (BRB 1.114).

Access to Economics Classes

These courses are restricted to economics majors: ECO 329, ECO 420K, ECO 320L, ECO 341K, writing flags. Minor pursuers can request a restriction waiver from the Economics Advising Office (BRB 1.114) on the following timeline:

  • ECO 329 and ECO 420K: prior to initial registration period for upcoming semester, or any time during registration or add/drops.
  • ECO 320L, ECO 341K, Writing Flags: during the second registration period (add/drops).
  • To receive a restriction waiver the minor MUST be declared and all prerequisites must be met. Registration is subject to seat availability.

ECO 421K is restricted to McCombs business majors only (no exceptions).

All other ECO courses are open and students may register themselves (must meet prerequisites).

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites are strictly enforced. 

If you still have questions about minoring in Economics, contact the Economics Advising Office BRB 1.114, 512-471-2973,