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''Stanislavsky has ruined my play''

Chekhov's Cherry Orchard at the Moscow Theater

Thu, April 19, 2007 | Campus Club, Walter Webb Hall

5:00 PM

James Loehlin, whose book on Chekhov was recently published by Cambridge University Press, will discuss the first production of The Cherry Orchard at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1904. This performance occasioned heated conflicts between Chekhov and the play's director, Constantin Stanislavsky. The controversy surrounding this original production, over questions of tone, style, and politics, set the terms for the play's interpretation throughout the twentieth century, resulting in a rich and contentious stage history.

There will be a reception at 5pm, with the lecture to start at 5:30.

Parking receipts for the San Antonio Garage, located at 2420 San Antonio, will be validated at the reception.

Sponsor: Department of English

Speaker: Dr. James Loehlin(Shakespeare at Winedale)

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