Department of English

TILTS: A Googolplex of Books: Changing Libraries and Archives

TILTS 2011, The Digital and the Human(ities), Symposium Two: Digital Humanities, Teaching and Learning

Sat, March 12, 2011 | UTC 4.124

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Session 1: A Googolplex of Books: Changing Libraries and Archives

Chair: Lindsey Schell

Speakers: Julia Flanders, "What's in the Black Box? Technology and Intellectual Responsibility in the Humanities"; Howard Besser, "Large datasets of visual daily culture: Why they're important; who's studying them; and the challenges for scholars, scholarship, pedagogy, and stewards"; Maria Esteva, "Inferences and Archives Description: A Look at the Results of Automated Methods to Describe Electronic Records"; Loriene Roy, "For Those Working in Libraries: Respect for Traditional Cultural Expressions within the Ethos of Equity of Access"

Comment: Abby Smith Rumsey

Sponsored by: Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies

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