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E3W 12th Annual Sequels Symposium

Fri, April 5, 2013

E3W 12th Annual Sequels Symposium

E3W is excited to announce its 12th Annual Sequels Symposium - "Literary Indictments: Bodies on Trial, in Prison, and Out of Bounds." Sequels is an annual graduate student conference sponsored by the Department of English and the Ethnic and Third World (E3W) literatures group. The conference centers around the recent work of UT-Austin alumni and showcases the research of current graduate students.

Keynote Address - Thursday, April 4, 7pm, The Texas Union, Eastwoods Room

UT English alumni Peter Caster and Ellen Crowell are this year's featured keynote speakers. Over the course of their careers, Crowell and Caster have explored the ways that state institutions have criminalized specific bodies. Moreover, they have paid particular attention to how certain literary figures may represent resistance to the imperatives for segregation or incarceration created by rigid conceptions of sex, gender performance, and race. Ellen Crowell's talk is entitled “What monster am I this time? Laird Cregar, Oscar Wilde, and the Aesthetics of Queer Noir.” Peter Caster will be discussing “The Criminalization of Black Masculinity in U.S. History, Literature and Film.”

Graduate Student Panels - Friday, April 5, 9:30am-1pm, SAC 2.120

The Symposium will continue on Friday with panels featuring the research of current graduate students whose work engages with the scholarship of our keynote speakers. Our panelists will address topics including immigration, identity, queerness, empathy, and camp.

9:30am-11am / Panel 1: “Moving Bodies: Law, Labor, Trauma”

Moderator: Connie Steel

Courtney Massie: “Spectacular Bodies, Kinesthetic Empathy, and the Cruelty of Jean Genet’s Deathwatch

Regina Mills: "Latin@, Immigrant, or Guatemalan-American?: The Issue of Identity in The Tattooed Soldier and Family Resemblance

Julia Traylor: “‘Let us begin again’: Joe Arridy and Derrida’s Of Hospitality”

Christine Wheatley: “Deportation and the Circulation of Value of Non-citizen Life”

11:30am-1pm / Panel 2: “Queer Localities of Conflict”

Moderator: Martino Lovato

Allison Haas: “Queerness in a Time of Civil War: Gender Ambiguity and Political Violence in Hoda Barakat’s The Stone of Laughter and Patrick McCabe’s Breakfast on Pluto

Alejandro Omidsalar: “The Aunt Alternative: The Case for Doña Dolores as Queer Matriarch in Caballero"

Laura Thain: “Reading Django Unchained as Camp”

Professionalization Roundtable - Friday, April 5, 2:30pm, SAC 2.120

Our keynote speakers will join us for a discussion of the various issues raised by this year's presentations. They will also offer their insight on larger issues related to professionalization and life in academia. The roundtable will be moderated by Prof. Cole Hutchison of the Department of English.


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