Department of English

Jonathan Howard

Visiting ProfessorPh.D., Duke University

Donald D. Harrington Fellow


African Diaspora Literature, Black Studies, Environmental Humanities, Oceanic Studies


Jonathan Howard is the Donald D. Harrington Fellow in English visiting the University of Texas at Austin from Boston College, where he is an Assistant Professor of English and African and African Diaspora Studies that teaches courses, which place the literary and intellectual traditions of the African Diaspora in conversation with the environmental humanities. His research broadly interrogates ideas of race and nature and their entanglement in the formation of a modern world in ecological peril, while also exploring black expressive culture as a salutary site of environmental thought and practice. His current book project, Inhabitants of the Deep: Water and the Material Imagination of Blackness, undertakes a black ecocritical study of the trope of water in African Diaspora literature that illuminates the abiding relation between blackness and the aquatic, arguing, ultimately, that the blackness that dawned in the oceanic encounter of Middle Passage harbors an ecological and blue  recalibration of human being on a watery planet.  

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