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Christina Breitbeil Wins J.J. Pickle Citizenship Award

Fri, May 12, 2017
Christina Breitbeil Wins J.J. Pickle Citizenship Award
Christina Breitbeil

Plan II major Christina Breitbeil has won the J.J. Pickle Citizenship Award for her contributions to campus life. 

"It’s such an honor," Breitbeil says, "especially because it’s about policy and that’s something that I want to be involved in someday.”

The J. J. "Jake" Pickle Citizenship Award is an endowed student award created by the University Unions Advisory Council in 1999. It is presented annually to a student at UT Austin whose cumulative, notable contributions to campus life over a period of time exemplify the high standards of leadership and service that were the hallmarks of the life and career of Congressman J. J. "Jake" Pickle.

"It's an accomplishment for which I believe I have, among other things, UPrep and my professor and mentor Dr. Geraldine Heng's recommendation to thank," she says. 

Breitbeil’s passion for education led her to create the University Preparatory Outreach Program (UPrep), a student organization that recruits Longhorns to mentor high school students during the college application process. She also co-founded Not on My Campus which educates the campus community about how to prevent sexual assault. 

Her honors thesis, directed by Geraldine Heng, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, draws attention to education policy at the federal level.

Breitbeil explains it as "an evaluation of and recommendations for policy at 10,000 feet. I identify five education policy principles and then I use those principles to create six recommendations for policy: two at the federal level, two at the state level, and two at the local level.”

The J.J. Pickle Award helps recognize her fantastic contributions to the campus and what is sure to be a promising career in educational policy. 

Congratulations Christina!

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