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Congratulations to these UT Ph.Ds on their Contribution to the Publication of "Immortality and the Body in the Age of Milton"

Thu, February 22, 2018
Congratulations to these UT Ph.Ds on their Contribution to the Publication of
Immortality and the Body in the Age of Milton

A new collection edited by John Rumrich (UT Austin) and Stephen M. Fallon (University of Notre Dame), Immortality and the Body in the Age of Milton, published by Cambridge University Press, includes chapters by five UT Ph.D's.

The collection concerns John Milton and a fascinating and diverse group of his contemporaries—including John Donne, Francis Bacon, Margaret Cavendish, John Bunyan, and Hester Pulter—who represented embodiment not as a drag on the immaterial soul or an embarrassment but instead as the basis of heroic striving and a condition of transcendence. Variously abetted by the new science, print culture, and the Copernican reconfiguration of the heavens, these early modern writers sought bodily fulfillment of their immortal longings. 

The UT alumni featured in the collection are listed below; congratulations and thank you for your hardwork in putting together this beautiful collection. 



Louisa Hall (Ph.D. 2014) is a novelist living in New York. Her third novel, Trinity, will be published by Ecco in October of 2018.  Her chapter is entitled “Hester Pulter's Brave New Worlds.”




David Harper (Ph.D. 2012) holds the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army and is Professor and Head of the Department of English & Philosophy at West Point.  He is leading the drive to establish the first Humanities Center at a US service academy. His chapter is entitled “Milton Beyond Iconoclasm.”



Dustin D. Stewart (Ph.D. 2013) is assistant professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University in New York City. He is finishing a book on poetry and disembodiment in Enlightenment England. His chapter is entitled “Death-Weddings or Living Books: Cavendish Rewriting Donne.”



Greg Foran (Ph.D. 2010) is associate professor of English and director of the college writing program at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. He is currently working on a monograph about political theology and the uncanny in seventeenth-century literature.  His chapter is entitled "The Miracle in Francis Bacon's Natural Philosophy."



Greg Chaplin (Ph.D. 2001) is Professor of English at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts.  He is currently working on a book concerning Renaissance friendship. His chapter is entitled “Milton’s Beautiful Body.”


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