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Texas Studies in Literature and Language presents Spring 2009 edition

Thu, March 12, 2009


Texas Studies in Literature and Language announces the publication of a special issue, Samuel Beckett in Austin and Beyond 51.1 (March 2009), guest edited by Alan W. Friedman and Charles Rossman of the English Department at the University of Texas at Austin.

Samuel Beckett never made it to Austin, but a vast quantity of his manuscripts and many of his critics have made the journey. This special issue of TSLL is entitled Samuel Beckett in Austin and Beyond for four main reasons: most of its contributions were initially presented at the annual James Joyce Bloomsday conference that was held in Austin in June 2007; most of its contributors and its editors are faculty or graduate students at UT; many of the essays feature research based on the extraordinary Beckett holdings in UT's Harry Ransom Center; and it not only offers something of a retrospective on Joyce and Beckett but also, in the end, anticipates future Beckett studies.


Brian Gatten

Brian Gatten

"The Posthumous Worlds of Not I and Play"





Emily BloomEmily C. Bloom

"'The Protestant Thing to Do': Anglo-Irish Performance in James Joyce's Dubliners and Samuel Beckett's All That Fall"





Jamie Jesson James Jesson

"'White World. Not a Sound': Beckett's Radioactive Text in Embers"




Justin Tremel

Justin Tremel

"'Thought of everything? ...Forgotten nothing?': (Re-)Editing Beckett's Eh Joe"




Matthew Davies Matthew Davies

"'Someone is looking at me still': The Audience-Creature Relationship in the Theatre Plays of Samuel Beckett"





Sean McCarthySean McCarthy

"Giving Sam a Second Life: Beckett's Plays in the Age of Convergent Media"




Guest Editors

Charles Rossman Professor Charles Rossman






Alan Friedman Professor Alan Friedman

"Samuel Beckett Meets Buster Keaton: Godeau, Film, and New York"






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