Department of English

The Department of English Congratulates Kevin Carney and Patricia Schaub

Tue, June 5, 2007
This award was created to recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals to the University community through their hard work and dedication. Reprinted here are summaries of comments submitted by faculty and staff as to Kevin and Patricia's integral role in the Department of English.

Kevin Carney

Kevin is a Graduate Program Coordinator II for the Department of English. He is effectively a one-stop-shop for graduate students who must navigate the complex maze of administration, advising, financial aid, and registration. Kevin is known for his ability to be poised yet personable. He is sought out by professors and students alike not just for his administrative savvy but for his talent at solving problems with both exactitude and understanding. Kevin goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Patricia Schaub

Patricia is a Graduate Program Coordinator I for the Department of English. She has had a significant and extraordinary impact upon the efforts of the department to position their graduate students in the professional and academic marketplace and she keeps track of their Ph.D. graduates in their post-graduation careers. Her initiative and detective work have resulted in a database of graduate placement history, which contains career trajectories of all graduate students since 1995. Understanding the careers of graduates has been invaluable and has contributed to a salutary change in the culture of the department. Patricia's dedication, competence, conscientious work ethic and ingenious application of innovative administrative tactics are appreciated, along with her generous spirit.

We are very proud to have Kevin and Patricia as part of our Department and we know they will continue to distinguish themselves in the future.
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