Department of English

The Department of English Congratulates Vijay Pattisapu

Fri, June 1, 2007
First published in 1802, Walter Scott's Minstrelsy was a paradigmatic print collection of folk songs, gathered in the wild region of the Southern Counties of Scotland, on the English border. In his thesis, Vijay shows how this founding document of Romanticism assembles poetry and history, rustic memory and polite learning, speech and writing, and Scottish and English into a kaleidoscopic whole that connects the intensely regional with the whole extent of the globe.

Vijay is able to make this connection in part because several of Scott’s closest friends, collaborators on the Minstrelsy project in that they helped him collect its ballads, went on to launch philological projects in East Asia. There, he shows, protocols fashioned in Scotland would be used to catalog and interpret lyrics and epics from epochs and locales far removed from the British isles.
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