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Wed, May 11, 2005
The Heath Anthology of American Literature has devoted its entire Spring 2005 newsletter to papers from a forum on American literature survey courses that was hosted by English department graduate students and faculty in the fall of 2004. The Heath newsletter, which is mailed to twenty-thousand literature instructors in the U.S. and elsewhere, includes articles by four English department graduate students and two faculty members. It can be downloaded from the American Literature(s) Group website at The American Literature(s) Group website.

The articles by English Department graduate students include Sylvia Gale's ''Anthologizing the Future: The Lessons of Oral Literatures''; Noah Mass' ''Culture, Contacts, and Communities: Connecting Past and Present in the Literature Survey Course''; Heidi Juel's ''What Does an American Literature Survey Course DO?''; and Todd Onderdonk's ''Teaching the American Literature Survey Course: A Heath Anthology Newsletter Colloquy.'' Onderdonk also serves as this edition's guest editor.

Articles by the Department's faculty include Joanna Brooks' ''Uncovering the Heart of American Literature'' and Ann Cvetkovich's ''Un-American Teaching with The Heath Anthology.''

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