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Wait Lists have arrived on ROSE

Sun, October 10, 2004
Qualified students are those who meet all restrictions, have no time conflicts or duplicate courses, and who won't go over the maximum hours by adding the course.

The English Department will open waitlists for all upper-division SUMMER courses on Friday, April 23rd. We will open waitlists for all upper-division FALL courses on Saturday May 1st. These are the last day of the registration period, and is an all-access period. We will open our seats gradually from the beginning of registration, proportionally for each classification. Once all students have had a chance to register, we will open our waitlists permanently.

If you feel your situation is special, please come see us and we will help you arrange your schedule. However, YOU MUST use the waitlist system to try for the classes you really want. The department will not add any student who has not attempted to be added by the wait list. ALSO BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR WAIT LISTS BEFORE THE THRID CLASS MEETING.If you miss the first three class meetings, you may be dropped from the class.

A few details:

* You must be registered for at least one course to be able to use the waitlist system.

* Notifications about waitlists will be by email or via the UTDirect, so if one of your waitlisted courses conflicts with the time of a course you are registered for, you'll get an email about it. Another good reason to regularly check your email and keep it updated on the UT Directory.

* You are limited to 4 active waitlists.

* You will have the option to designate one registered course as a ''swap'' course and the waitlist system will automatically drop that course if an add from a waitlist is performed.

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