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A Carnivore's Inquiry (Grove Press, 2005)

Sat, July 5, 2008


That we trail after this wolfish character as doggedly as her doomed lovers has to do with Murray's mesmerizing voice, which is lovely, literate and deeply unnerving on the subject of human hunger--Marilyn Syasio, New York Times 


Katherine, the winning and slightly disturbing twenty-three-year-old narrator of A Carnivore's Inquiry, journeys from literary New York to rural Maine and Mexico City trailed, everywhere she goes, by a string of murders. As the ritualistic killings begin to pile up, Katherine comforts and inspires herself by meditating on cannibalism in literature, art, and history, and examining a diverse array of subjects including the Donner Party and the fall of Dante's Count Ugolino. The story races toward a hair-raising conclusion, while Katherine, and the reader, close in on the reasons for her intrigue with aberrant, violent behavior.


Sabina Murray is a member of the MFA faculty at the University of Massachusetts. She is the author of Slow Burn and The Caprices, which won the 2003 PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction. She is also a screenwriter whose credits include the forthcoming film Beautiful Country produced by Terence Malick and starring Nick Nolte, Tim Roth, and Bai Ling. 




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