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Luck ( W.W. Norton & Company, 2000)

Mon, June 30, 2008



“I’ve read Eric Martin’s Luck twice-once like a blue streak, borne along by the riveting story and the clear swift prose, and a second time for the fine craft and rich human understanding.  He’s a writer I’ll follow with great expectations.”--Reynolds Price

“An impressive story of love and of the struggle for social justice.” --J.M. Coetzee

“Eric Martin is one of those writers who can be read for the pleasure of his style, which is lyrical and rhythmic and her and there as much like music as prose.  His characters have the breath of life. He is a natural-born storyteller. His descriptions of the flat and dusty North Carolina farm country are so immediate and apt that they can make a reader feel as if the page had dissolved, and he land lay in front of his own eyes.” --Alec Wilkinson

Eric Martin has lived in Maine, Texas, and North Carolina where he attended Duke University and worked on a documentary project about migrant workers in the South. He has worked as a journalist and social worker and was the recipient of a Michener fellowship and an American Short Fiction fellowship.  His supervisor was Rolando Hinojosa-Smith.

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