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Of All The Things That Don't Exist, I Love You Best (Finishing Line Press, 2008)

Thu, September 11, 2008
"These eloquent, highly individual poems are the work of a fresh and original talent. Marcela Sulak writes from a wide range of experience, cultural, geographical, linguistic and personal, in poems that are sophisticated and passionate, witty and deeply serious. The scenes range from New York to Latin America, France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain. The well-traveled poet makes good use of her knowledge. Her own rural South Texas background is fundamental, and gives her poetry regional, historical and personal depth. In poems both disciplined and supple, Ms. Sulak gathers details, assembling, sorting and threading her themes. Graceful, witty, earthy, and everywhere is freshness, and educated human eye, a clear new voice." -David Wevill, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas at Austin Bookmark and Share