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"Race, Gender, and Comparative Black Modernism: Suzanne Lacascade, Marita Bonner, Suzanne Césaire, and Dorothy West" (Louisiana State University Press, 2008)

Fri, November 14, 2008

"Jennifer Wilks makes a valuable contribution to the recuperation of modernist women writers in the African diaspora. Pairing African Americans Dorothy West and Marita Bonner with Francophone Caribbean writers Suzanne Cesaire and Suzanne Lacascade, Wilks demonstrates that literary modernism was neither limited to white Europeans and American ex-patriots nor to U.S. writers on this side of the Atlantic. This is a study that opens new doors to understanding modernism as a world-wide movement that included diasporic women writers creating modern roles for black women in their fiction."

-Maureen Honey, editor of Shadowed Dreams: Women's Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance

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