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Professor Lisa Moore wins Teaching Fellowship from The Silver Spurs Alumni Association

Fri, May 7, 2010
Professor Lisa Moore wins Teaching Fellowship from The Silver Spurs Alumni Association
Photo by Amanda Martin

"Awards recognize academic efforts"
by Hannah Jones, Daily Texan Staff
The Daily Texan, May 7, 2010


A UT group recognized several professors by presenting them with monetary awards Wednesday and Thursday as an incentive to continue their hard work within their fields.

The Silver Spurs Alumni Association, the student service organization that cares for Bevo, gave out their 21st annual Endowed Teaching Fellowship award to four liberal arts professors, who each received $6,000 for their own use. The funding came from the proceeds of selling mini-replica bronze statues of Bevo outside of the Frank Erwin Center. Members of the Spurs compiled a list of nominations. Officers, fellowship chairmen and other University representatives voted for Germanic studies professor Kirsten Belgum, government professor Robert Moser, American studies professor Elizabeth Engelhardt and English and women’s studies professor Lisa Moore to receive the award.

The president, vice president, and treasurer of the Silver Spurs hand-delivered the certificates to each professor in the middle of class and to Moore during her office hours.  Lisa Moore said she was especially excited to receive an award from the Silver Spurs because of her love of caring for horses and animals.

“I say kudos to the Silver Spurs for giving their award to a women’s studies professor. Since they are an all-male organization, I think that is a very nice gesture,” Moore said. “I have been lucky enough to make my vocation my avocation.”

Lisa Moore is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Women's and Gender Studies.  She is the author of Sister Arts:  Lesbian Genres and the Erotic Landscape (Minnesota, 2011) andDangerous Intimacies: Toward a Sapphic History of the British Novel (Duke, 1997). Her poem "The Body Remembers" will appear in The Austin Project Archive: Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic, forthcoming from the University of Texas Press.

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