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Chicago-Kent College of Law appoints graduate alumna Terri LeClercq as first ever Ralph L. Brill Distinguished Visitor

Wed, September 1, 2010
Chicago-Kent College of Law appoints graduate alumna Terri LeClercq as first ever Ralph L. Brill Distinguished Visitor

The Department of English congratulates graduate alumna Terri Leclercq on her recent appointment as the Ralph L. Brill Chair Distinguished Visitor at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Leclercq, a pioneer in the field of legal writing, is the first scholar to hold the College of Law’s newly established Distinguished Visitor position. As a Distinguished Visitor, Leclercq will teach specific classes throughout the year; thus far, she has taught first-year legal writing, as well as classes of law review students and international students. LeClerq began her stint in February and returned again this month. Upon her February arrival, she also gave a presentation commemorating the Ralph Brill Chair.

Additionally, Leclercq won a 2010 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award from Texas State University-San Marcos. “Leclercq is a recognized authority on legal writing who helped to establish legal writing as an essential field of study for law students,” wrote Ann Friou of the University News Service. “She is frequently called as an expert witness to interpret meaning when court cases rest on points of grammar.” While TSU has offered the award for two years, Leclercq is the college’s first English Department alumna recognized. Leclercq attended a ceremony in Austin to accept her award.

Terri Leclercq attained a Ph.D. in English (American Literature) in 1977 from the University of Texas. Since then, she has served as Senior Lecturer in Legal Writing at the University of Texas School of Law and as Director of the University of Texas Law International Programs, among other academic appointments. She is the author of Guide to Legal Writing Style, Expert Legal Writing, and nearly 100 articles on legal writing in various publications.

Currently, Leclercq lectures and teaches around the country; her speaking engagements include several National Legal Writing Institute Conferences. Through the National Legal Writing Institute, she established the “Terri Leclercq Courage Award,” which recognizes “outstanding acts of courage in the legal writing community.” Leclercq also works on behalf of Texas prisoners through the Texas Civil Rights Project and builds houses for Habitat for Humanity on 30 Saturdays each year.

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