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Professor Marjorie Curry Woods receives 2011 Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award

Wed, April 27, 2011
Professor Marjorie Curry Woods receives 2011 Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award

The Department of English would like to congratulate Marjorie Woods on her Phi Beta Kappa Society, Alpha of Texas, student nominated, teaching Award for Distinction in Teaching.

Each year, elected members of this chapter nominate a professor whom they found to be particularly impressive. Current undergraduates in the Phi Beta Kappa chapter who felt that the professor had a genuine passion not only for the courses she taught but also for the students in her classes select the recipient. This award was presented to Professor Woods to symbolize the student’s sincere gratitude for her commitment to education and the impact she had on her students.

Professor Marjorie (Jorie) Woods grew up in the military and moved almost every year. Changing schools so often generated her interest in teaching, and she now studies both how students were taught to write in medieval schools and the use of premodern classroom exercises in the modern classroom. She has just published a book on the teachers' notes in margins of the manuscripts of a medieval rhetorical treatise, entitled Classroom Commentaries: Teaching the Poetria nova across Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Currently she is working on how female characters from classical texts were studied and used as the basis of composition exercises for boys during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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