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On the road with Ann Cvetkovich during 2010-2011 College Research Fellowship

Fri, August 5, 2011
On the road with Ann Cvetkovich during 2010-2011 College Research Fellowship
Professor Ann Cvetkovich

While on leave over the past academic year with a one-semester College Research Fellowship combined with leave without pay, Professor Ann Cvetkovich has completed a new book, Depression: A Public Feelings Project (forthcoming from Duke University Press in 2012), and participated in a range of public events that emerge from her ongoing collaborative work with the Public Feelings research seminar at the University of Texas and her new research on the institutionalization of LGBTQ archives.

In December, she gave a plenary address at a conference on “Affecting Feminism:  Feminist Theory and the Question of Feeling” at Newcastle University, and her article on Saidiya Hartman’s Lose Your Mother will appear in a special issue of Feminist Theory devoted to the conference.  In February, she gave a lecture as part of a series on “Queering the Archive/Archiving the Queer” at University of Maryland.  In April, she and Heather Love (University of Pennsylvania) gave public talks sponsored by the Center for Gender Studies at the University of Basel in Switzerland and led a two-day intensive seminar on Queer Public Feelings.  From there, Cvetkovich traveled to Turin, Italy for the Biennale Democrazia, a celebration of the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, where she and oral historian Luisa Passerini presented a public dialogue on the public value of the private sphere and radical democracy.  In May, she gave a plenary talk at a conference on “Gender and Sexuality in Narrative Theory” sponsored by Project Narrative at Ohio State University.  In June, she was part of the faculty of Columbia University’s Oral History Summer Institute, where she presented on trauma and oral history and on the uses of oral history for activism and education.

Upcoming presentations in the year ahead include: a keynote address at “We Demand: History/Sex/Activism in Canada” in Vancouver; a panel discussion in Los Angeles about “Cruising the Archive,” an exhibition of art from the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, for which she has also written a catalogue essay; and invited talks at University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University.

Upcoming publications include an article about Columbia University’s September 11, 2001 Oral History and Narrative Memory Project, which will appear in a special issue of Radical History Review and an article about artists as archivists, which will appear in Feeling Photography, an edited collection to be published by Duke University Press.  An excerpt from Depression: A Public Feelings Project also appears in a publication that is part of Chewing the Scenery, an exhibition for the Swiss pavilion at the Venice Biennale.  She has also just completed her term as editor of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies.  Recent special issues include:  “Rethinking Sex,” “Queer Bonds,” and a forthcoming special section in memory of Eve Sedgwick.

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