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English Honors student Katherine Noble wins 2012 Roy Crane Award

Thu, April 26, 2012
English Honors student Katherine Noble wins 2012 Roy Crane Award

The Department of English congratulates English Honors student Katherine Noble, recipient of the 2012 Roy Crane Award in Literary Arts.

This $3,000 university-wide award is granted to a student who has been nominated by a faculty member for outstanding creative achievement. Professor Peter LaSalle nominated Noble, who won for a collection of poetry.

Katherine Noble is an English Honors student who expects to graduate in Summer 2013. She won first place in the 2011 Department of English undergraduate writing contest for a collection of six poems and has worked with UT’s Hothouse, The Daily Texan, and Bat City Review, and also as an intern for the nationally distributed poetry journal Poet Lore in Bethesda, Maryland.








A poem from Noble's winning entry:

Moving Alone, the Two of Us

The first time you slipped off my dress,
you remembered to tell me I was lovelier than mourning
doves, roman candles, wet gardenias, apricots.
A flock of birds swam through the strict sky where God lives
alone, trying to get our attention. But I kissed crosses
into the salt of your neck. Your voice broke like blind horses
and your hands pulsed like finches at your side
until I pressed against you because there is rescue in that.
I told you I alone could hold my lips
against your heart.

I want to return and whisper that I know the ending.
There is no boat coming back for us.
We are already breathing in the chest of the great horned beast
that promises the end of the world. So temper nothing.
Set your sail on fire and push off into the low tide of sky.
Midnight and ocean,
not love, are the only things that return
with no remembrance of sins.

These nights, I stand in this predictable loneliness,
a room full of mirrors. Your absence bleeds
into my dreams and a shadow lingers. You’re singing with your back
turned east toward childhood, I'm standing before God
and he's asking my name. I know no name but yours.
I wake hungry with ears full of stale wind.

Pain, want, and breast we come to know
before any other language. I do not know how else to speak of it.

I spend the summer near the sea
to help me stop needing you. The water looks like a blanket
which would lose all memory of me in its velvet, star-blinking folds.
I folded you inside me, but nothing is lost.
The sea so loud, it is completely silent.


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