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Assistant Professor Lars Hinrichs featured in UT's 'Know'

Wed, May 9, 2012
Assistant Professor Lars Hinrichs featured in UT's 'Know'

Assistant Professor Lars Hinrichs was featured in UT's Know article, "Do you speak Texan?" as he explained the prevalence and various uses of Texan dialects, as well as the Texas English Project

From Know:

Is the Texas twang fixin’ to die out? Not necessarily, says Lars Hinrichs, assistant professor of English language and linguistics and director of the Texas English Project at The University of Texas at Austin. Despite the drastic changes in the Lone Star State’s iconic accent, Texans will continue to use their twang, but only in certain contexts.

“Although the dialect is far less prominent in Texas, people still speak it,” Hinrichs, says. “But it depends on who they’re talking to, what they’re talking about, and whether it triggers their Texas pride.”

For the entire Know article, click here.

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