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Professor Kurt Heinzelman's new collection of poetry, "Intimacies & Other Devices," is out

Tue, October 22, 2013
Professor Kurt Heinzelman's new collection of poetry,

From the Pinyon Publishing press release:

“It is wonderful to experience a poet’s bounty, as we do in Kurt Heinzelman’s rich new volume, with its expansive variety of voices, inventions and moods, across a range from probing reflection to sheer rapture. It’s fine to be with a poet who can find words for the deepest intimacies of love, of what can pass between men and women. It’s a pleasure, too, to participate in the playful re-interpretation of long traditions in the hands of one who knows, to feel the spring of poetic rhythm and the eloquence of the intricately concentrated expression, as memory, desire, humor and sensuality are shaped in virtuosic language."—NICHOLAS JOSE, novelist and editor of the Norton Anthology of Australian Literature

Pinyon Publishing has just released Professor Kurt Heinzelman’s newest book of poetry, Intimacies & Other Devices. When asked to select one poem from the book which might illuminate some of its themes and rhythms, Professor Heinzelman chose this:



A cello with no

need so dire

it stirs any echo


A viola with a

lilt so tender it

fills every hollow


A violin as un-

equivocally civil

as a stand


of sugar maples

that first warm week

before they run


Of his thought process and intention behind the poem, Professor Heinzelman had this to say: “A string trio is an unusual, but not unheard of, chamber-music ensemble: quartets are more usual, or trios in which one instrument is a piano. ‘Strings,’ though, have a host of associations--with hearts, relationships, emotional attachments, and so on. So, I thought that that configuration of strings might yield interesting ways of talking about the onset of libido in someone (the ‘you’ in the title is not identified as either male or female) who is, as we say, ‘of a certain age.’ A number of the poems in the book are about the intimacies, carnal and otherwise, experienced by a person of a certain age, a phenomenon that many of my students think is either unlikely or yucky. I'm not sure the poem will prove them wrong.”

Readers of any age can find the full press release and information on how to purchase the book at Pinyon Press online.


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