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A new poem by Professor Dean Young in the New Yorker

Tue, November 26, 2013
A new poem by Professor Dean Young in the New Yorker

The English Department would like to congratulate Professor Dean Young on the recent publication of one of his new poems in the New Yorker. Professor Young has kindly allowed us to reprint the poem here in its entirety. He also answered a couple of questions about the poem and his current work. 

Another Lethal Party Favor












Is this poem part of a collection or project that you are working on currently?  If so, what is that project? If not, what else have you been focusing on lately?

The poem is part of what will be my next book which probably will come out in 2015.  I never have any particular project in mind beyond just writing poems, which I write one at a time.

What themes or subject matter have you enjoyed exploring recently? Do you feel that this poem fits into that exploration?

Themes and subjects are unavoidable and always-emergent so I don't focus on any in particular.  In fact when I recognize a theme or subject, when it starts to seem familiar, I do my best to steer away from it.  If there isn't a quality of discovery during the actual writing of the poem, it's not going to interest me.


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