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Professor Brian Bremen named one of UT's inaugural Provost's Faculty Fellows

Tue, December 10, 2013
Professor Brian Bremen named one of UT's inaugural Provost's Faculty Fellows

The English Department would like to congratulate Professor Brian Bremen on his appointment as one of the inaugural Provost’s Faculty Fellows.

As detailed by the UT Center for Teaching and Learning, “The Provost’s Teaching Fellows program is designed to strengthen faculty participation and governance in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), enhance faculty collaboration across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and support specific faculty-led projects to improve teaching and learning.” As a part of this program, “eleven Fellows will receive $25,000 grants to pursue specific projects to improve teaching and learning in their departments, schools or colleges, or at the university. After two years, fellows may continue to participate in the program as Senior Fellows. Provost’s Teaching Fellows will work closely with the Provost, deans, chairs, other faculty leaders and CTL staff to strengthen the University’s support structures for excellent teaching. The program is planned to expand and develop through annual nominations."

Professor Bremen will be using the grant money he has been awarded to work on the structure of the English Department's E314 classes and with the graduate students teaching E314 classes. In Professor Bremen’s own words (from his proposal):

"I propose working with two other members of the English Department ([Professor] Jennifer Wilks and [Professor] Allen MacDuffie) over a two year period to restructure the E314 classes by keeping the major variants (E314J, E314L, and E314V) but having each course structure itself according to a series of units that focus on particular analytical, expressive, or research oriented skills, relevant to both the study of literature and the academic success of a student, regardless of the field of study he or she chooses to enter. 

I will meet first with those members of the faculty that traditionally teach the E314V variant to see how we can best structure the units in the E314L and E314J variants to match the instruction received in the Introductions to Literature and Culture courses. The two project faculty members and I will then meet throughout the spring 2014 semester to develop and refine these units and present them to the assistant instructors in a series of paid workshops in which the graduate students will be exposed to best practices for teaching these respective skills, as well as receive help in developing their syllabi. The faculty members and I will continue to mentor these students throughout their teaching of these courses in 2014-2015, giving feedback, recommendations, and suggestions for change when appropriate. We will also repeat the workshops and mentoring for the next year’s assistant instructors."


More about the Provost’s Teaching Fellows program can be found here.

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