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Professor Donna Kornhaber's new book recognized by The New Yorker

Thu, March 6, 2014
Professor Donna Kornhaber's new book recognized by The New Yorker

The English Department congratulates Professor Donna Kornhaber, whose book, Charlie Chaplin, Director, has just been published by Northwestern University Press and recognizeed as one of this month's "Books to Watch Out For" by the New Yorker.

From the publisher’s website:

Charlie Chaplin was one of the cinema’s consummate comic performers, yet he has long been criticized as a lackluster film director. In this groundbreaking work—the first to analyze Chaplin’s directorial style—Donna Kornhaber radically recasts his status as a filmmaker. Spanning Chaplin’s career, Kornhaber discovers a sophisticated "Chaplinesque" visual style that draws from early cinema and slapstick and stands markedly apart from later, "classical" stylistic conventions. His is a manner of filmmaking that values space over time and simultaneity over sequence, crafting narrative and meaning through careful arrangement within the frame rather than cuts between frames. Opening up aesthetic possibilities beyond the typical boundaries of the classical Hollywood film, Chaplin’s filmmaking would profoundly influence directors from Fellini to Truffaut. To view Chaplin seriously as a director is to re-understand him as an artist and to reconsider the nature and breadth of his legacy. 

Charlie Chaplin, Director





Find The New Yorker's write up of Charlie Chaplin, Director here.

Learn more information about the book and purchasing options here.

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