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Marjorie Curry Woods Publishes New Book "Weeping for Dido"

Wed, February 13, 2019
Marjorie Curry Woods Publishes New Book

Congratulations to Marjorie Curry Woods on the publication of her latest book Weeping for Dido: The Classics in the Medieval Classroom, from Princeton University Press!

Examining medieval teachers’ notes and marginal commentary in manuscripts of the Aeneid and two shorter verse narratives (the Achilleid of Statius and the Ilias latina, a Latin epitome of Homer’s Iliad), Weeping for Dido offers a surprising new picture of medieval education.

Jorie explains the motivation behind her work:

"The book grew out of my interest in how students were taught literature in earlier periods and what they remembered most. I was fascinated by St. Augustine’s saying that when he was a boy he wept for Dido in Virgil’s Aeneid, who killed herself with a sword (when she was abandoned by her lover, Aeneas). I wanted to know if boys later in the Middle Ages were taught texts that emphasized emotions, especially the emotions of women."

For purchase details and book information, visit Princeton UP.

About the Author:

Professor Marjorie (Jorie) Woods grew up in the military and moved almost every year. Changing schools so often generated her interest in teaching, and she studies both how students were taught to write in medieval schools, and the use of premodern classroom exercises in the modern classroom. In 2010 she published her decades-long study of the teachers' notes in margins of the manuscripts of a medieval rhetorical treatise, entitled Classroom Commentaries: Teaching the Poetria nova across Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Currently she is working on a book about using historical composition exercises in literature and rhetoric classes.

Congrats Jorie!

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