Department of English

Spirit of Shakespeare

"The play's the thing!" Join us for very tragical mirth.

Spirit of Shakespeare (SOS) is a group of UT students who promote Shakespeare programs on campus and in the community by performing scenes from the annual Actors from the London Stage (AFTLS) productions. AFTLS is a London-based theatrical company that sends five classically trained actors to American universities for week-long residencies to help change the way Shakespeare is taught in the U.S. Though AFTLS performs Shakespeare's works with just five actors, SOS welcomes all students seeking to discover the brave new world of performing the Bard -- many of our members are non-actors and non-English majors. For more information or to get involved, please contact Professor David Kornhaber at

Caliban and Prospero in 2011 SOS The Tempest.

Caliban (Isto Barton) and Prospero (Johnny Meyer) in The Tempest. Photo courtesy Erwan Chabert.