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FLAS Applications: Graduate


Please Note: For this application cycle, keep in mind that the US Department of Education's Office of International & Foreign Language Education has not yet issued the call for applications for Title VI grants. This means that while CES' Summer 2022 FLAS Fellowships are already funded, funding for the 2022-23 Academic Year FLAS Fellowships is not yet secure. If you are awarded a 2022-23 Academic Year FLAS Fellowship by CES, the Fellowship, including tuition and stipend, is contingent on next year’s budget allocation from the Department of Education. FLAS applicants are strongly encouraged to pursue additional funding options for their academic year.

When are applications due?
Summer 2022 and AY 2022-23 FLAS application are due by 5:00pm February 7, 2022. In order to be fair to everyone, this is a very strict deadline and we cannot accept applications beyond that date and time. Letters of recommendation are due by 11:59pm February 14, 2022. 

How do I submit a FLAS application?
First, choose the appropriate application (AY or Summer) from the sidebar on the right and complete the application on Qualtrics. Once complete, submit the application to the Center with the supplementary materials. 

What information will I need to complete and/or provide to CES?

CES has waived the SAT/ACT/GRE test score requirement for the upcoming Summer 2022 and AY 2022-23 FLAS application cycle

  1. Application form
  2. 2-page proposal addressing how language study will aid your career and/or research goals. May be single or double spaced.
  3. CV
  4. Current/continuing UT Austin students: UT transcript (official/unofficial copy and official academic summary are acceptable); Incoming UT Austin students: Academic transcript from your current or last institution attended.
  5. Names and email addresses of two individuals who will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf

I'm applying for the Academic Year and the Summer Fellowships. Do I need to complete two applications?
Since we have different selection committees, you will need to submit a separate application packet, including supplementary materials, for both the AY and the Summer FLAS.

Can you just get my scores or transcripts from the school where I applied for admission?
Unfortunately, we don't have access to that information and need you to submit the information with your application packet.

What do you want to see in the 2-page proposal?
Your proposal is your personal statement to the selection committee and should include any information that you think will be helpful to them. You might consider including information about what you are studying, why you want to study your proposed language, and what your future plans are, but the statement's contents are completely up to you.

What should my CV look like?
A CV, or curriculum vitae, is an overview of your experience, or your resume. You may put your CV in any format but we ask that you keep them relatively short (no more than 4 pages).

What type of UT transcript do you need?
CES believes that students should not have to pay to access their grades. Therefore, CES will accept UT Academic Summaries, which my be obtained in person at the UT Registrar's office. More information, including how to request, can be found on the UT Austin Registrar's website

What do my SAT or GRE scores need to look like?
CES has waived the SAT/ACT/GRE test score requirement for the upcoming Summer 2022 and AY 2022-23 FLAS application cycle.

How do I submit letters of recommendation?

Several weeks before the application deadline, be sure to secure two references, who will agree to submit letters of recommendation on your behalf to CES. Your references cannot access the recommendation upload tool until you submit your application, and they will only have one week after the application deadline to submit their letters, so be sure to complete your application in a timely manner to give them as much time as possible to submit their letters.

When you submit your application, the references will automatically receive an email with a link to the recommendation upload tool. Applicants are responsible for providing correct email addresses for their references in the application form and for giving their references ample time to submit a letter of recommendation. 

Upon your submission of the application form to CES, your recommenders will receive an email with a link to the recommendation upload tool, where they can upload their letters of recommendation directly to CES' secure Box account.

Recommendations should come from faculty and at least one letter should speak to language learning abilities. 

It is common courtesy to send your recommender all the pertinent information as to what kind of FLAS your applying for (to which Center(s) and whether Academic Year, Summer or both), in what language(s), what their deadline is, and where/how to submit their recommendations.

When will I know if I have been chosen to receive a FLAS Fellowship?
We know you're eager to know and we're eager to award some Fellowships! As soon as our Selection Committee has had a chance to review all of the applications and makes their selections, we will send out notifications. The process takes some time, but we will send notifications out by the end of March 2021 to everyone who has applied. 

I received an e-mail from the Center saying I am an alternate. What does that mean?
Our Selection Committee will rank all applicants. Each year, we will have a few students selected as alternates. If one of the students who is offered a FLAS Fellowship declines for any reason - they may not be attending the University or have other funding - we will then notify an alternate that a space has become available. You may then accept the FLAS or decline and we will notify the next alternate. We know everyone is making important decisions about tuition and courses, so we will try to get through the process as quickly as possible.

I've read this fantastic FAQ, but I still have questions. What should I do?
Contact the Center ( It is probably best to send an e-mail first as it may be a question that can be answered rather quickly.

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