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Faculty Interest Groups

Throughout the year, our faculty Interest Groups engage in vibrant intellectual exchange with scholars at colleges and universities throughout North America and Europe.  Each Interest Group, drawing on the vast expertise of CES's affiliate faculty, typically invites one or two scholars to campus each year to discuss a major work-in-progress.  The CES affiliate faculty who participate in these Interests Groups meet throughout the year to discuss their own scholarship in organized workshops.

CES currently sponsors and funds five ongoing interest groups, each with a core focus on Europe: 

Since 2009, CES's interest groups have invited a number of distinguished scholars who focus on Europe to UT, including Anthony Grafton (Princeton), Alison Cornish (Michigan), Stephen Campbell (Johns Hopkins), Patrick Coleman (UCLA), Ann-Lise François (Berkeley), Robert Mitchell (Duke), Richard Kagan (Johns Hopkins), Leonard Barkan (Princeton), Deanna Shemek (UC-Santa Cruz), Dominick LaCapra (Cornell), and Étienne Balibar (Paris X Nanterre). 

This year, Christopher Bayly (Cambridge) will be on campus in early April, in collaboration with British Studies and the Department of History, as part of our Interest Group initiative.

If you are interested in joining one of the currently organized Interest Groups, or interested in organizing one yourself, please contact CES or one of the organizers.

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