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Viadrina faculty are asked to teach two courses during the spring semester of their visit.  Courses must be at the undergraduate level (no graduate courses can be accepted).

Other visiting faculty may be asked to teach a different number or level of courses, so please speak with CES if you are unsure.

We ask for the name and a short description of the course(s) in your Information Survey. Descriptions may be short paragraphs explaining the class.

Once we have the names and descriptions, we will be able to schedule the classes and will tell you which days of the week and times you will be teaching. Classes will normally be scheduled during the day for one hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or for 1.5 hours on Tuesday and Thursday (total of 3 hours per week).

For faculty teaching in fall, we will ask for a syllabus for each class mid-spring.
For faculty teaching in spring, we will ask for a syllabus for each class in early fall.
To help you with information for your syllabus, please review the sample here.

Things to think about for your syllabus:

  • Is the description clear enough that a student reading it will understand what the class is about and what it will include?
  • What will your office hours be (time each week you will be in your office to meet with students)?
  • Will you include a final exam (taken after classes are over at the end of the semester)?
  • What will the grading policy be? You may see an example on the sample syllabus but the grading policy is up to each individual instructor.
  • Will you need CES to have books ordered that the students must buy or will you put the readings on Canvas (Learning Management System) or hand out in class?

Take a look at the UT academic calendar for the spring semester. Please note the dates for “Spring Break”, a one week vacation for students and faculty during the semester, typically in March. Martin Luther King Jr Day (January) may also occur after classes have begun, depending on the year, so take note that UT Austin will be closed and no classes will be held that day.

Some things to know:
The classrooms you will be assigned will have consols that include a computer, projector, and often a doc cam. You will be able to use a flash drive (portable storage) and use PowerPoint and internet from the rooms.

After classes have begun, you will have access to Canvas, an Learning Management System where you will be able to communicate with your students, upload materials for them to read and review, and post grades for them to see. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Canvas before the semester starts, please go to the Canvas Learning Center

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