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We look forward to your time in Austin! The information below will help with all of UT's administrative needs.

There are multiple processes that will be happening at the same time including (1) assignment to UT Austin, (2) submission of visa information, (3) scheduling and processing courses to be taught at UT Austin. And, of course, you’ll need a place to live!


Your Electronic Identification (EID) is a code that is provided by UT Austin. It will be used as your primary source of id when you log into the UT system for your classes as well as many other sites.

Please click here to be directed to a page at UT that will ask you for information to create a new EID.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep the password information that you will create. You will need your EID and password to log into almost every UT system before you arrive and during your time in Austin.


Now let’s get some basic information.

Please click this link to be directed to a questionnaire for the staff at the Center for European Studies. This link has valuable information for us, so PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Information Survey


There are a number of forms and documents that we will need for your assignment, visa, etc. Please e-mail the requested documents/forms to If you should need to mail any of the documents, we’ve included our mailing address below, but please send us an e-mail to let us know it has been mailed so we can watch for it.
  1. CV including where you received your PhD
  2. Clear copy of passport

Reference Letters
UT Austin requires three letters of recommendation. Letters should be e-mailed directly from the referee to CES so please ask your referee to e-mail them to . We will ask for the names of your three referees in the Information Survey mentioned above so that we can watch out for those e-mails. 

Offer Letter 
Once CES has processed the necessary paperwork, we will mail an offer letter to the address you provided in your Information Survey (above). We ask that you sign the letter as soon as you receive it and return it in the envelope that will be enclosed.

Mailing Address
Center for European Studies
158 W. 21st St, A1800
Austin, TX 78712

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