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Austin is a fantastic city with a lot to explore but finding appropriate housing can take some time. Unfortunately, UT Austin does not have housing for visiting scholars but the staff of CES is happy to help you in your search for the perfect home during your stay.

There are some wonderful websites to start with:

UT Austin Housing Guide
A useful guide to get started

Listings Available
Listings of houses and apartments posted on UT's website
These listings are by companies and individuals and are not provided by UT Austin.

A listing by companies and individuals of apartments, sublets, and houses for rent.

Helpful map of Austin by area.

Things to keep in mind:
Sublets, rented rooms, or garage apartments might be preferable since they usually include utilities.
If utilities are not included, there will be additional steps you will need to take to create an account for electricity, cable, internet, and sometimes trash/water.

Some other sites for Austin

City of Austin website

Austin Visitor Information

South by Southwest is a large music, film, and interactive festival that occurs every spring in Austin. It is VERY large with events (live music, movies, and more) happening all over the city. Visit the link for tickets (if still available) and more information. Be sure to take note of the dates because Austin becomes very crowded with visitors from all over the world!

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