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Visiting Scholar Information

These pages are intended as a guide to help scholars who will be teaching at UT Austin through the Center for European Studies.

Visiting Researchers: If you are interested in conducting research at UT Austin but will not be teaching, please complete the Visiting Researcher Information Survey and staff from CES will contact you soon.

If you are a UT faculty member interested in the European University Viadrina exchange, please contact Matthew Rabatin for more information about the program.

The information on these pages is intended to help explain the process for visiting scholars and researchers and allow us to complete the paperwork process as expediently as possible.

We understand that much of this is new and welcome scholars to e-mail us with questions at any point to

There are multiple steps for:
(1) assignment to The University of Texas,
(2) visa requirements for traveling to and working in Austin,
(3) information for courses that will be taught during the semester, if applicable, and
(4) information on housing in Austin.

Please understand that some of the processes are time sensitive and we’ve tried to indicate that where applicable, so we invite you to take some time to explore the pages we’ve designed in the hope that it will explain many of the steps. Again, we’re happy to speak with you at any point to answer questions.

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