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The University of Texas at Austin offers hundreds of education abroad opportunities all over the world. Students majoring in European Studies are required to participate in a study abroad program* in Western or Central Europe for a minumum of six weeks or a Maymester.

Through the University’s Education Abroad, students can learn about the many opportunities available during summers, individual semesters, or year-long programs. Their site includes a searchable database of programs as well as contact information for individual study abroad peer advisors.

Financial aid opportunities are available from multiple sources, including the Study Abroad Office. The Center offers a study abroad scholarship for EUS majors available for fall, spring, and summer programs.

IMPORTANT FOR EUS MAJORS: Before attending your study abroad program, please contact your CES academic advisor, Heather Peterson, to let her know your program and dates.

To discuss the qualifications of a program, please contact the Center’s academic advisor:

Heather Peterson

 *The CES Director, Dr. Douglas Biow, will have final approval as to its acceptance for the major.

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