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CNN documentary series, Cold War (Episodes 1 & 2, "Comrades" and "Iron Curtain")

Wed, September 22, 2010 | Painter Hall, Room 2.48

7:00 PM

As a lead up to the Cold War Cultures Conference (September 30 - October 3), CREEES will be showing the first 10 episodes of the CCN series “Cold War.”

This 1998 series, narrated by Kenneth Branagh, is a comprehensive history that examines the key events of the arc of the Soviet Union, from its birth to its fall, and provides a thorough analysis of what was going on behind closed doors. Informed by the stories of 500 eyewitnesses--from citizens and soldiers to historians and statesmen--and strengthened by painstaking reconstruction of archival historical film footage, CNN's Cold War is a sweeping chronicle of the world's most fragile decades.  Those interviewed include Fidel Castro, Zbigniew Brezizinski, Anatoli Dobrynin, and Robert McNamara.

UT’s Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies will be presenting episodes from CNN’s Cold War Wednesday evenings at 7:00.

Wed. , Sept. 1 (Episodes 1 & 2, "Comrades" and "Iron Curtain") 

Wed. , Sept. 8 (Episodes 3 & 4, "Marshall Plan" and "Berlin") 

Wed. , Sept. 15 (Episodes 5 & 6, "Korea" and "Reds") 

Wed. , Sept. 22 (Episodes 7 & 8, "After Stalin" and "Sputnik") 

Wed. , Sept. 29 (Episodes 9 & 10, "The Wall" and "Cuba") 

For information about the Cold War  Cultures Conference, visit:

Sponsored by: Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies

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