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“The Longevity Revolution and its Possible Impact on the Functional Health Status of the Adult Population”

Presented by Jean-Marie Robine, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, International Network on Health Expectancy

Thu, October 14, 2010 | San Jacinto Conference Center, Room 207

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Please RSVP for lunch no later than Monday, October 11th by emailing 

or by calling 471-5514 

Dr. Jean-Marie Robine is a Research Director at INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, and head of the Health and Demography research group in Montpellier, France.  He has been the coordinator of the International Network on Health Expectancy (REVES) since its creation in 1989, which brings together more than 150 researchers from over 100 research institutes or universities in over 30 countries worldwide (

Dr. Robine studies human longevity, with the aim of understanding the relations between health and longevity by measuring the potential effects of increased adult life durations on the health status of the elderly population.  He attempts to measure the impact that the continuation of increases in life expectancy may have on the health status of the population. In particular, he works on the measure of disability and on the evolution of the health status of populations.  Robine has also been instrumental in organizing international efforts to study individuals who are at least 110 years old, known as supercentenarians.

He is the project leader of the European Health Expectancy Monitoring Unit (EHEMU -, which provides analysis of disability-free life expectancies in the European Union (Healthy Life Years-HLY). He is responsible for the development of the International Database on Longevity (IDL) in association with the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (Rostock) and INED (Paris). He is one of the principal investigators of the Genetic of Healthy Ageing project (GEHA, Sixth European Research Framework, 2004-2010) and the PI of the new healthy longevity project granted by AXA Research Fund: theFive-Country Oldest Old Project (5-COOP). In addition, he is the chair of the Committee on Longevity and Health of the International Union for the Scientific Study of the Population (IUSSP) and co-chair of the Steering Committee of the World Ageing Survey (WAS) prepared by the International Association of Gerontology (IAG).


Sponsored by: The Population Research Center, the France-UT Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Center for European Studies

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