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CWGS New Faculty Colloquium - Presenting men’s and women’s speech in Homer _Odyssey_ 11

Mon, October 11, 2010 | CPE 2.212

3:00 PM

Professor Deborah Beck (Classics)

Four of the twenty-four books of Homer's _Odyssey_ consist of Odysseus telling the story of his own wanderings after the Trojan War. One of his most exciting adventures, and the one he narrates at the greatest length, is his trip to the world of the dead. While there, he meets the souls of several famous heroes of the Trojan War (Agamemnon, Ajax, and Achilles). He also meets a number of heroines, most of whom are important in Greek mythology not because of their own heroic exploits but because of the men who either fathered their children or were their children. He reports several conversations with both male heroes and female heroines, but he presents his conversations with women very differently from his conversations with men. This paper explores the nature of these differences and suggests possible reasons for them.

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