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From Anti-Racism to Antidiscrimination: Integrating Race in the European Union. Lecture by Terri Givens.

Tue, April 19, 2011 | Batts Hall 5.108

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Terri Givens sets out to explain why the European Parliament pursued an anti-racism agenda when it had no competence in this area and how anti-racism led to the development of antidiscrimination policy. There is no doubt that many of the ideas behind the EU’s racial equality directive came from early adopters of antidiscrimination policy, i.e., Britain and the Netherlands.  How did these policy ideas develop in relation to the EU, and why were member states willing to pursue this policy agenda in light of very different starting points? How did the development of antidiscrimination policy deviate from typical norms of policy development in the EU?

She argues that for the development of antidiscrimination policy in the EU, two key factors played an important role.  The first is racist, anti-immigrant sentiment, and the second is Left vs. Right politics, i.e. Left support for antidiscrimination policy and the rise of the radical right as a catalyst for the passage of legislation.  Many authors have focused on the role of the anti-immigrant  Austrian Freedom Party as a key catalyst for the passage of the EU’s racial equality directive.  This is true, but the story of the passage of antidiscrimination policy goes back much farther, to developments in the early 1980s.  Also, to  understand these developments, they must be placed on their proper context of the developments related to immigration and race in Europe, particularly the role of the European Parliament and the way that policy entrepreneurs used the institution to set the agenda to include issues of race and immigration

Terri E. Givens is an Associate Professor in the Government Department at The University of Texas at Austin.  She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her B.A. from Stanford University.  Her academic interests include radical right parties, immigration politics, and the politics of race in Europe.  She has conducted extensive research in Europe, particularly in France and Germany.  Her book, Voting Radical Right in Western Europe, was published in Fall 2005 with Cambridge University Press.   A manuscript on minority political participation in Europe is currently under submission.  She is also working on a book manuscript on the development of antidiscrimination policy in the European Union.

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