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Multilayered Regionalization in Northern Europe by Dr. Paul Adams

Fri, April 29, 2011 | GRG 102

4:00 PM

Paul C. Adams, Associate Professor and Director of Urban Studies, Department of Geography and the Environment, will present on his recent research in the departmen's colloquium series.

Traditionally geographers naturalized the concept of the region by trying to locate regional boundaries and separate insides from outsides. There is a shift now toward a focus on dynamic processes of regionalization which occur simultaneously on various levels.

Using northern Europe as a case study, this presentation explores three such levels: fluid regionalization in the geography of language, networked regionalization in the membership of intergovernmental organizations, and territorially bounded regionalization in the voting patterns of the Eurovision Song Contest. 

After introducing these layers we consider how processes of globalization and Europeanization are altering and reconstituting these northern European regionalization processes.


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